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Dunlop Aerogel 4D Max Squash Racquet

Construction: Aerogel/4D Headsize: 500 Sq cm Weight: 135g unstrung Balance: Head Light String Pattern: 14x19 Length: 27" String: M-Fil TS String Tension: 20-30lbs/9-14kgsr Aerogel's remarkable characteristics of extreme strength and very light...

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Viking Re-Ignite Platform Tennis Paddle

Light up the competition with this oversized, superwide hitting surface, which produces an extra large sweetspot for ultimate control. The paddle also has the softest feel in the line for added vibration dampening.Weight (oz/g): 13.6/385Power Rating:...

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Viking Wizard Platform Tennis Paddle

Work your magic with all the technology that made the OZ the world’s #1 selling paddle, The Wizard takes it to another level with a new, improved handle shape and additional grip sizes. Also featuring a dual sided cosmetic, mid+ density core, and even...

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Viking Bolt Platform Tennis Paddle

The Bolt Paddle Tennis Racket is ultra-light weight for the ultimate in maneuverability. It comes with a shorter handle and smaller grip size for better control. The perfect paddle for up and coming juniors. The 44.7 sq in surface area racquet features...

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Viking OZ Platform Tennis Paddle

#1 selling paddle of all time, the OZ+ is back by popular demand and better than ever featuring a new Carbon Mesh rim. The OZ+ is sure to deliver what this paddle is known for as the ultimate proven performer. 7v023 Racquets

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Viking O-Zone Platform Tennis Paddle (Grey/ Lime)

Designed with an extra length handle which makes it easy to get two hands on the grip. The O-Zone allows players to drive the ball from anywhere on court and get extra snap on serves and overheads. The most popular paddle at 2013-2014 Nationals and the...

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Viking Re-Ignite Platform Tennis Paddle

Known for its super oversized expanded hitting surface and ultra-soft feel, this paddle is one of the most popular paddles in the game for recreational or top tournament play. Constructed of low-density foam with some added weight for extra pop on the...

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Viking Synergy Platform Tennis Paddle

The Synergy comes in an ultra-light design, which is ideal for women and younger players looking for the utmost in quickness. Combined with effortless power and control, this is the total package. The 46.9 sq in surface area racquet features a new DuraSoft+...

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Viking Re-Ignite Ultra Platform Tennis Paddle (Black/ White)

The new Re-Ignite Ultra Tennis Paddle follows in the family of other Re-Ignite paddles offered in the line. Re-Ignite's are known for their exceptional feel and play at the net, and those characteristics are taken to a whole new level with lower density...

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Viking O-Zone Lite Platform Tennis Paddle

The O-Zone Lite is back with a new look and same great features as last year's model. This ultra lightweight paddle with longer handle design is extremely popular with players looking for a faster swing speed and greater maneuverability. Weight: 360...

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